We are building a powerful 

city planning tool for the public

Beta Version 1.1 is ready for early testing

We are looking for feedback, feature suggestions, and testers 

Development time-line and updates:

V1.2 (May)

Camera Controls: 

  • Free camera 

  • Pan camera enabled (AWSD)

  • Bug fix first person camera


  • Detroit major buildings 

  • Train station 

  • Ambassador bridge new twin span 

Windsor Landmarks: 

  • Downtown Windsor notable buildings

  • The Barn 

Sounds and Music 

  • Ambient city and nature sounds 

  • "Simcity" like music 

Weather & Day / Night Cycle 

Rain, storms, clouds, sun, snow

V1.3 (June)

Building Proposals: 

  • The Windsor Express Barn Proposal 

  • The Animal Crossing 

  • Ojibway Prairie Complex

  • Windsor Mega Hospital 

  • Celestial Beacon 

  • The Hudson Tower (Detroit)

City Building Assets 

  • Hospitals 

  • Schools 

  • Parks 

  • Arenas 

V1.4 (July)

  • City Model Detail (Graphics)

  • Refined downtown Windsor and Detroit models 

  • Upgraded 3D roads and highways

  • Upgraded rail tracks 

  • 3D people and cars 

V1.5 (August 1-15th )

Editable Terrain and Simulated Water 

  • Detroit River and Lake St. Clair 

  • Simulate flooding in wetlands

V1.6 (August 15th- 31st)

City Data (Windsor)

  • Zoning Bylaws 

  • Regulations 

  • Traffic information 

  • demographics 

  • population age 

  • density 

  • Income 

  • Transit 

  • Walk ability 

V1.7 (September)

AWS Multiplayer 

Export to AR iPhone / iPad's / Magic Leap 2 AR headset